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Brisbane Street Reads

Council_Centre_Colour_72_15mm-300x164Thanks to the Brisbane City Council’s Street Reads you are able to take part in 6 exciting adventures around Brisbane CBD and South Bank, and 3 Adventures in the Brisbane Suburbs via the Story City App.


Will you choose become the apprentice of death, the sidekick of a rather dim Hero or fight off a zombie invasion? Or maybe you’ll choose to be a pirate captain, survive the invasion of mutant insects or remake Brisbane in a pixellated virtual reality?


Or maybe you’ll choose become the assistant of a Private Investigator and solve a heist? Or use your ghost hunting abilities to rid Sandgate of a cursed ship? Or capture Bloggo, the monster of the Maiwar?


Only one thing is for certain, it’s your adventure.


Find out more about the adventures below:







Written by: Kahli Scott, Art by: Clare Neal, Music by: Schae


KS4 compA ghost ship has been sighted in Bramble Bay. It’s up to you to save Sandgate from inheriting its curse.


You are a seasoned Ghost Hunter, trained to remove destructive and restless spirits. But this next case in Sandgate will test you to the limit. A cursed ghost ship, known as the Bramble Spirit, is sailing the waters of Bramble Bay. How did it meet its doom? Why is it here? How will you send it on its way before it’s too late? It’s up to you to battle paranormal forces and save Sandgate from the ship’s deadly curse…


This adventure starts at the Sandgate train station.







Written by: Trent Jamieson, Art by: Nancy Brown, Music by: Christopher Healey


DEATHBrisbane’s a lot weirder than you think it is, and you thought you knew it all. You’re a Pomp, short for Psychopomp, which means you help souls into the afterlife. Well… you’re supposed to, see it’s your first day on the job. And the big lady herself is giving you your training! You’re in for an adventure when you realise that it’s not just about sending souls to the afterlife. You’ll face Stirrers, Undead Dinosaurs, and see the Underworld itself. And, whether you stick with the job or not, your idea of the city will never be the same again. Training Day is a spin off from Trent Jaimeson’s Death Works stories, of which there have been three novels so far, all of them set in Brisbane and published through Orbit Books.


This adventure starts at Reddacliff Place in Brisbane’s CBD.







Written by: Jason Theodosis, Art by: Clare Neal, Music by: Schae


JT3 compA monster is on the loose. Will you help him? Or plot his capture?


You’re a journalist, researching a story in the Dutton Park Ecosciences precinct when all hell breaks loose. Bloggo, the deadly swamp creature born in the flood of ’74, has escaped. The safety of Dutton Park, nay, Brisbane, is in your hands as you’re thrown in to a game of tug-of-war; mind versus heart; logic versus intuition. Whichever wins, you’ll be confronted by an adventure that will have you questioning: who should you trust? Who should you help?


This adventure starts at the Boggo Rd Jail in Dutton Park.







Written by: Meg Vann, Art by: Clare Neal, Music by: Schae


MV10 compThere’s a heist in progress under your very eyes. Catch the thief and solve the case!


You have responded to a job ad as a local Private Investigator, but your interview goes awry when you witness a crime in progress in Woolloongabba’s vintage heart. Equipped only with your wits and a police radio, it’s up to you to help P.I Street catch the thief, in this glamourous noir adventure. Get ready for getaway cars, gangsters, goddesses and aliens – this mystery in the heart of the ‘Gabba Precinct, where pretty meets ugly and sport meets art, will test all your deductive skills. Will you save the day and land the job?


This adventure starts at the Police Beat at 6 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba.







Written by: Tom Dullemond, Art by: Madonna Barraclough, Music by: Time Keeper Music


TD1compYou are uploading your avatar into the Nexus Brisbane Virtual City Simulator, just another traveller checking out cyberspace. But something is seriously wrong. You’ll be racing against time to work with or against two escaped A.I.s  while the very buildings of Brisbane are transformed around you. Will you choose the path of chaos or order?


This adventure starts at Reddacliff Place in Brisbane’s CBD.







Written by: Lauren Sherrit, Art by: Nancy Brown, Music by: Christopher Healey


HEROEvery Hero needs an Apprentice, and this time you’ve been picked. Your Quest, should you choose to accept it, is to take back South Bank from the evil claws of the Dark Legion, all the while avoiding a ferocious band of avian spies and decoding the riddles provided by Oracles stationed around the cultural precint, who may or may not point you in the right direction. Will you choose to team up with the brawny and brave yet not-so-brainy Hero and head into Dark Legion territory, or will you run the other direction trying to avoid all this unwanted attention? Either way, you’ll find South Bank a changed place as you encounter adventure at every turn.


This adventure starts at Reddacliff Place in Brisbane’s CBD.







Written by: Jody MacGregor, Art by: Madonna Barraclough, Music by: Time Keeper Music


JM12compYOU are a notorious buccaneer whose ship is docked in Brisbane while you prepare to outfit her for your next voyage. Pirates face danger on land as well as at sea, and in gathering skilled crewmates and vital equipment you’ll need to race against enemies including your rival, the dastardly Captain Neckbeard. Grab your pirate patch and start an adventure. Yo-ho!


Dressing up in costume for this adventure is highly recommended!


This adventure starts at Reddacliff Place in Brisbane’s CBD.







Written by: Tamara Pratt, Art by: Nancy Brown, Music by: Christopher Healey


ZOMBIEBrisbane is renowned for its art pieces. You’re keen to achieve High Distinctions in your next Uni assignment, but the shoppers in the mall have taken a strange turn, as if they’ve stumbled off the set of The Walking Dead. Brisbane has been infected. As zombies hustle through the streets, you’ll need to decide: Who will you help, who will you abandon, and how will you escape alive? Brisbane has never been so panic-stricken, and you’ll need to learn the art of survival if you don’t want to become one of the living dead.


This adventure starts at Reddacliff Place in Brisbane’s CBD.







Written by: Gary Kemble, Art by: Madonna Barraclough, Music by: Time Keeper Music


GK1compBrisbane is about to be over-run with mutant brain-eating cockroaches, and you’re at Ground Zero. Can you rally the defence of the city? Can you derail the nefarious plans of the shadowy consortium behind the invasion? First you need to survive. Strap yourself in for an adventure that crosses Matthew Reilly with Mutant cockroaches!


This adventure starts at Reddacliff Place in Brisbane’s CBD.