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Story City: Adelaide

ACC_logo_BlueThanks to Adelaide City Council and Renewal SA you are able to take part in 3 exciting adventures around the Adelaide CBD via the Story City App. Each adventure incorporates a little bit of the city’s amazing history. The hard part is figuring out what’s fact, and what’s fiction!


Will you choose become the Captain of an alien spaceship searching for missing passengers, the sidekick of a nutty, time travelling professor, or go in search of Colonel Light’s lost treasures?


Only one thing is for certain, it’s your adventure.


Find out more about the adventures below:







Written by: Jason Fischer, Art by: Sanderson Gonzaga, Music by: Adam Richie



Search through a city’s secret past, and find an ancient treasure before it’s too late!


You have discovered an ancient document, a clue leading to the lost treasures of Colonel William Light, surveyor and architect of Adelaide. Throughout the years, clues to the treasure’s location have been hidden in the foundation stones of several historical buildings, forgotten until now. With your archaeologist friend, Rhonda, you set out to find Light’s treasure, but there’s a catch – the ruthless tomb-robber Percy Graves is hunting for it too, and he’s hot on your heels. Will you find the treasure in time, or will it be stolen from under your nose?


This adventure starts at the Adelaide General Post Office (Cnr King William and Franklin streets)







Nominated for the 49th Annual AWGIE Awards 2016.


Written by: Ben Crisp, Art by: Gabriel Cunnett, Music by: Tim Whitt


BC1_colourYou knew it was a bad idea helping the Professor with his experiment—a hunk-of-junk time machine that’s now sending you backwards and forwards through Adelaide’s crazy history! You find yourself running from policemen and sergeant-majors, or stuck in the middle of riots and earthquakes, with no way of getting home. As the Professor tries to fix your machine, you’ll need the help of a lot of quirky characters to survive Adelaide’s past. But will you be able to get back to the future in one piece?


This adventure starts at the Town Hall in Adelaide’s CBD.







Written by: Jade Harmer, Art by: Sarah Boese, Music by: Drew Butcher


JH4You are the Captain, Never Galaxy entrepreneur and Earth tour-guide extraordinaire. You must embark on your greatest challenge since trying to sell the Mall’s Balls on the Intergalactic Black Market: a game of Hide and Seek with two Moodling tourists who failed to return to your ship. Their ability to change shape will test you, but that’s the least of your concerns. The Narl – the big blue guardians and law-makers of the Never Galaxy – have plans for you… Can you find the Moodlings and return to the Never Galaxy before the Narl have a chance to sentence you to a fate worse than death?


This adventure starts at Beehive Corner in Adelaide’s CBD.