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Why be a tourist when you can be a pirate? Or survive a zombie apocalypse? Or uncover a mystery, delve into indigenous mythology, or walk in the shoes of a soldier off to war?


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We have adventures in Australia, Brazil, & Argentina,
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Turn your city into an adventure-filled wonderland by partnering with Story City to activate your streets with stories made by YOUR local creatives.

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How Story City Works

Story City makes you the hero of your own story, giving you the chance to take part in an adventure at locations across the world. You can take part in these interactive stories from real-life choose-your-adventures, to puzzle trails, to historic tales across the world using the Story City App.

Whether you’re a reader, an adventurer, a traveller, a family, a gamer or maybe even a geocacher, our stories take you to the most interesting locations around the city with adventures created by local creators who know their city best.

The Story City app and adventures are currently FREE to download and enjoy.

Will you explore Brisbane while running from a zombie apocalypse? Or how about cruising the Adelaide streets while solving a mystery? Or will you be pillaging the city looking for pirate supplies? It’s your adventure, so it’s up to you!

Getting Started

Story City stories aren’t like your everyday stories where you are a sideliner, separate from the narrative. We want to give you stories you can see and touch, stories that allow you to interact, be a part of them, and to make choices that can change them. As you make the decisions that affect how your story ends, you also travel a unique path through the city you’re exploring.

Each story starts at a particular location in the city it’s set and then branches off into dozens of different locations around the city. As you make the decisions that affect how your story ends, you also travel a unique path through the city you’re exploring.

When the app detects you are in the right location it unlocks the next part of the story. Each story happens in the location that you are standing and can be enjoyed by listening to the narrated audio/video or reading the story on screen.

Download the Story City App from the Android App Store or Apple App Store now!

We want you to see the world differently. We want to redefine stories so that they are something you are a part of, rather than something you are told. And we want to support the local storytellers you know, to do it.

Meet Our Team

Emily Craven


Emily Craven is an author, speaker, innovator and the creator of Story City. With over a decade worth of experience in the publishing industry, she ran digital production and community for the Institute of the Future of the Book (Australia), has spoken internationally on interactive storytelling and public space activation, and won multiple awards for her work with Story City.

Badrdine Sabhi

Lead Developer

A Software Engineer with 20 years of development experience and more than a decade of project management experience, Brett has worked for both gaming industry behemoths (Bioware) and indie studios. He has a strong passion for Technology mixed with a great deal of entrepreneurial spirit, and is an active professional musician.

Justin Khan

UX Lead Designer & Requirements Analyst

Justin has close to a decade's worth of experience in UX design for large gaming studios (Bioware), indie game studios, web and mobile. Extremely knowledgeable in a variety of game genres, styles and their mechanics, he guarantees a seamless user experience from concept, to development, to implimentation.

Shefali Billon

Head of Partnerships

With 20 years in marketing, communications and business development experience in the private, public and non-profit space, Shefali is a leader in establishing strategic partnerships for mission-driven organisations.

Ben Carey

Editor & Producer

With a PhD in interactive storytelling, and several years experience in VR design experience, Ben is a passionate and motivated writer and producer with a range of professional writing experience, including narrative design for games, copywriting, technical writing, and creative writing.

Kevin Powe

Voiceover Artist

Kevin Powe is an international voice actor with a passion for oral storytelling and character-driven narrative who specialises in the medium of interactive entertainment, but lends his voice to the full spectrum of voice over work.

What Our Creators & Users are Saying

Eileen O’Hely

Eileen O’Hely


I learnt a lot about Brisbane and Australia’s history. As well as the subject matter, the style of writing is very different to my normal methods. It’s important for artists to embrace the opportunities that new technology offers us and our audience. Projects run through enterprises like Story City enable just that.

Chris H

Chris H

Android User

Awesome way to see a city I use Story City mainly to explore my own city. I've only lived here for 2 years but feel like I've lived here forever with apps like this giving me a fun way to play and discover. Takes up a little bit of battery, but I just get around that by bringing a power pack. Highly recommend.

Tim Baker

Tim Baker


Exploring the minutea of locations for story telling prompts and clues. Combining vision, sound and story to transport an audience squinting at their smartphones while navigating city streets. It is a wonderful concept and innovative use of modern technology to promote story telling. I learnt a lot from the experience and loved the collaboration.


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