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Story City: Brisbane

In addition to the Brisbane Street Reads stories, we also have three stories released under the Story City banner based in Brisbane! Written by award winning authors such as Isobelle Carmody and Kim Wilkins, these adventures are sure to be favourites.


Will you find enough Omicrons to save the world? Or choose to help a pair of inept superheros fight an undead monster? Or will you help a ghost bride solve the mystery of her death?


One thing is for certain, it’s YOUR adventure!


Find out more about each story below:



THE OMICRON – By Isobelle Carmody (Brisbane CBD): G RATING


Written by: Isobelle Carmody, Art by: Gabriel Cunnett and Emily Craven, Music by: Adelaide the Girl


The Omicron - compressed

Can you hear me? Good. You are in great danger…


No, you don’t get to read the fine print, that’s not how quests work. A hero always commits to the path before understanding it… You are one of the chosen, quested to collect omicron to stop the invasion of our world. Will your choices make you THE Chosen One? Or will Brisbane, and the world, fall to the affected?


This adventure starts at the entry to Post Office Lane opposite Post Office Square in Brisbane. This story was funded thanks to the Brisbane City Council Innovation Award.



9 FATHOM DEEP – By Kim Wilkins and Joseph Diskett (Brisbane CBD): PG RATING


Written by: Kim Wilkins and Joseph Diskett, Art by: Gabriel Cunnett and Emily Craven, Sound Design by: Joseph Diskett



KJ1 - 9FathomDeep - compressedA water revenant has pulled itself from the Brisbane River. Can you help Queensland’s least competent superheros protect the city from this undead monster?


You’ve found yourself a waiter gig at Customs House but something seems odd about these party-goers, is that woman’s skin slightly green? And you swear you just saw a flicker of flames in that man’s eyes. It’s not until a monster crawls out of the Brisbane River that you know for sure that this is a room full of superheros. But only you can help them out of this crisis. Will you plead for the life of the creature? Or will you send him back to the watery depths from whence he came?


This adventure starts at Customs House on Eagle Street. This story was funded thanks to the Brisbane City Council Innovation Award.



THE HAUNTED FALLS (J.C. Slaughter Falls Mt Coot-tha): G RATING


Written by: Nick Manning, Art by: Nick Manning and Emily Craven, Music by: Schae



Can you help the ghost bride solve the mystery of her death?


You’ve gone for a relaxing bush hike but something is amiss, a ghost dressed in a bridal gown appears before you. She needs your help to discover her killer. Will you be able to solve the mystery? Or is the ghostly bride destined to wander J.C. Slaughter Falls for eternity?


This adventure begins at the J.C. Slaughter Falls carpark at the base of Mt Coot-tha. This adventure is not a choose your own, but a puzzle trail, which requires you to solve clues to unlock the mystery.