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New! Moorooka Adventure

Thanks to Moorooka Ward’s Councillor Steve Griffiths, you can take part in an exciting new real-life Choose-your-own-thriller in the Brisbane suburb of Salisbury via the free Story City App! Written by a local Brisbane author, you’re going to discover more about this sleepy suburban corner of Brisbane and you ever bargained for!


You’re a myth buster, determined to prove whether the rumour of a hidden WWII ammunition stash in Salisbury, Brisbane, is fact or fiction. But is the search for the truth worth your life?


Only one thing is for certain, it’s your adventure.


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Written by: Pauline Yates, Art and production by: Joseph Diskett, Narration by: Kevin Powe


Buried ammunition or an explosive military secret that will rock the suburb of Salisbury?


A rumour circulates Salisbury that caches of ammunition were supposedly buried by soldiers during World War Two. Nobody knows where and that’s what you’re here to find out. But your plan to update your progress on your Facebook page, Rumours Uncut, is hampered by a rival who wants to steal your glory, and a ghost who leads you astray. And why are you questioned by a soldier in a suburb that hasn’t known military activity since the war ended? Is the rumour of buried ammunition a cover for a bigger secret? What else was hidden in Salisbury that was never meant to be found?


This adventure starts outside Reload Espresso Bar on Chrome Street, Salisbury, Brisbane.