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New! QUT Landscape Architecture Adventure

Landscape Architecture logoThanks to the Landscape Architecture Team at the QUT School of Design, Garden’s Point, in an adventure in the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens!


This story was created to celebrate 50 years of Landscape Architecture at QUT. Not only can you take part in an adventure but you can also experience firsthand how landscape architects learn to ‘see’ the hidden world around us, to design better places for people and other living things, and master time itself. Discover more at:


Find out more about our latest adventure below:






Written by: Lauren Sherritt, Videos by: Ai3D, Music by: Christopher Healey, Narration by: Kevin Powe, Artwork by: Ai3D



As a self-described ‘master of time’, you’re confident in your ability to meet a deadline or succeed at a schedule. But lately there never seems to be enough time, so you’re on the hunt to learn how you can bottle time, reuse it, and maybe even sell it. Fame and fortune are just around the corner if you do!


You’ve been invited to the gardens by a mysterious guide, who promises to teach you the secrets of mastering time where the city meets nature. Will you be able to use those secrets to create a method to bottle time?


This adventure starts at the edge of QUT Garden’s Point, on the intersection between Main Drive and Musgrave Lane.



ci_logo_2lines_blueThis adventure was a collaboration between QUT Landscape Architecture, with videos and design by Ai3D and production/story by Story City.


We hope you enjoy this adventure as a celebration of 50 years of Landscape Architecture education at QUT. You too can be a Master of Time through the design of landscape and space. Imagine creating gardens and recreational spaces that can slow down time, speed it up, or create long-lasting memories for people many years after they had seen them. Whether it be the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, New York’s Central Park, or the gardens of the Palace of Versailles in France, all were the work of landscape architects. Graduates of Landscape Architecture courses like the ones found at QUT, are working in Australia and overseas, and have participated in humanitarian projects in countries like Vietnam where they help vulnerable families in flood prone areas of the Mekong Delta create sustainable designs for the waterfront homes and businesses (see the video here). So, if you’re interested in a design career combining art and science to create long-lasting and meaningful outdoor places, that can change people’s lives, then check out the information on QUT’s Landscape architecture courses at the link in the bottom of this page and become a master of time and space. QUT Landscape Architecture website.