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A digital storytelling experience that combines fictional adventure with real-world locations.


Story City is a digital storytelling experience that puts you in the story. It combines fictional choose-your-adventure style stories with physical locations, allowing the fantasy to become ‘real’ to the reader. We work with councils and other organisations to create these active and healthy events, using our digital platform to engage and interest youth, families and tourist in our country’s world-class attractions.
If you would like more information on Story City and how we could work with you, download the PDF below. This PDF details how the app works, what we include in our stories, the history of the project and how you can get in contact with us.


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A mix of cultural tourism and adventure, each story is created specifically to highlight the beautiful or intriguing parts of a real-world site and to appeal to and excite a young, tech savvy audience. The idea is to bring real-world locations to life, whether they be cities, attractions, or world heritage areas, converting an ordinary, everyday space into an adventure filled wonderland. This type of storytelling is called locative literature, stories told in the actual place they are happening. Story City aims not only to be a leading innovator in storytelling, but to culturally enrich locations across Australia and boost engagement of youth, families and tourists with the world around them.


Splash pageThe new digital landscape offers many more possibilities to tell stories using technology that youth actually get, that excite them to create and share. Stories no longer have to be fully imagined, they can be read in the location they are set, they can include a merging of music, words and animation, and they can involve a community interactively rather than be presented in a book to be passively consumed.


The benefit of creating these experiences as fictional stories is you can impart real-world facts or historical knowledge in an engaging way that both entertains and educates.


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Rather than reading the choose-your-adventure in book form, we create stories that occur in specific locations. Each story is accessed on the participant’s smart phone or tablet and delivered using the Story City GPS App, which registers if the reader is in the right place before opening the story. When the App detects the reader is in the correct spot it unlocks the part of the story that occurs in that location, and then gives the reader several options to choose from to continue the story.


Each new section of the story takes place in a new location, showcasing the landmarks of the area in a whole new light. As part of the experience the reader takes on the lead role of one of the story’s characters. Each reader will inevitably take a different path through the adventure giving them their own unique story experience.


The stories show the hidden nooks and secret features of an area, taking you on a journey you would never find in a guide book.At the same time as discovering a new place, they could be avoiding an alien invasion, solving a mystery, or surviving a zombie apocalypse!


The Story City app and associated stories produced for your organisation, would be available for free download from the adventurer’s preferred app store.


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This innovative platform makes use of transmedia storytelling (using different formats to tell the story). Standard Story City stories include:


STORY CITY APP ICONThe written fictional story: This story is a branching narrative which means it has multiple pathways through the story and multiple endings. This allows the participant to feel like they are in control of where the story will lead. It’s their adventure after all! This alternate reality is seen most often in games and allows the participant to immerse themselves in an interactive story. We try to pick our writers from the local writers within the city, though on occasion we have engaged well-known writers to write a story for a particular city.


STORY CITY APP ICONNarrated audio: Each story is narrated by a professional voiceover artist giving the participant the option to listen to the story while being free to take a good look around at all the features being pointed out to them. This also allows those who are visually disabled to also enjoy the experience.


STORY CITY APP ICONUniquely composed soundtrack: Just as a soundtrack is used in movies to add an extra emotional level and tension to the story, so is it used to add an extra level to the narrated audio of this story.


STORY CITY APP ICONArtwork: The artwork helps to merge the fiction with reality making the story more ‘real’ to the participant. The artwork isn’t restricted to 2D images, it can also include videos with snippets of the story, or animations.


Previous StoriesStory City - Nancy Brown


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Please see the History page for information on how the project originated.


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To find out more about the experienced team behind Story City please see The Team page.


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