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ecraven (at) storycity (dot) com (dot) au

Become A Story City Artist / Musician

JM11compAre you an artist who loves to merge the real with the imaginary?


Are you a musician or composer who loves to play with genre and mood to bring a story alive?


For each Story City project we select an artist and a musician to work with up to three writers with three different stories. Artist then create a 2D visual artwork for each of the locations in these adventures. Your art will need to merge the features of the real location with the fantasy described in the author’s story.


For the musicians/composers, your task will be to provide an immersive soundscape for each location, creating an aural world for the reader.



We’ve had artists who work with photos, pencil, oil, cartoons, paint, digitally… basically we’re not picky about your medium, as long as you can deliver it to us as a high-resolution scan, we’re happy. Though we normally try to pick artists that live in the town the adventures will be happening, we do on occasion take artists who live elsewhere and provide them with photos to work off.


Musicians can work with any instruments or mediums they like, whether it’s providing with sound effects or building emotive soundscapes.



So if you’re interested in hearing about, and being considered for future Story City projects, fill out the form below and submit your details.


Good luck! And we look forward to seeing your work.