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Become A Story City Writer

JM15compInterested in writing a choose-your-adventure style story? Welcome!
For each Story City project we select (and pay!) up to three writers, each with a unique, fictional story. Your task as an writer is to create an adventure set in real locations, making use of your surroundings and senses to merge your fiction with reality for the reader.


You will need to be able to take your normal writing practise and throw it out the window! These adventures need up to 8 different endings (good, bad and in between), and are set in 15 + locations, so you need to be comfortable playing with ideas and happy to do a bit of walking.


We normally try to pick writers that live in the town the adventures will be happening, giving the local talent the room they need to shine.


So if you’re interested in hearing about, and being considered for future Story City projects, fill out the form below and submit your details. This is be the more reliable way to find out about opportunities with Story City.


Good luck! And we look forward to seeing your work.