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What Creatives Say About Story City

“Story City was one of those rare experiences that actually forces you to think in new ways. I thought I could tackle most writing/story telling assignments based on 30-odd years experience but Story City required a whole new sensibility. Multiple story tangents somehow resolved into coherent endings.  Exploring the minutea of locations for story telling prompts and clues. Combining vision, sound and story to transport an audience squinting at their smartphones while navigating city streets. Halfway through I hit a wall and was ready to concede I couldn’t pull it off. But actually walking the streets, pen and notepad in hand, taking my cues from the landscape, eventually delivered the answers and inspiration I needed. It is a wonderful concept and innovative use of modern technology to promote story telling. I learnt a lot from the experience and loved the collaboration.”

Tim Baker – Story City Storyteller

“Writing the locative fiction pieces for Outdoor Reads was a fabulous change from my normal writing practice. I learnt a lot about Brisbane and Australia’s history, and being able to say I was researching for a BBC-funded project opened a few extra doors and set me up with valuable contacts for future projects. As well as the subject matter, the style of writing is very different to my normal methods. It’s important for artists to embrace the opportunities that new technology offers us and our audience. Projects run through enterprises like Story City enable just that.”

Eileen O’Hely – Story City Storyteller

“When I worked on my piece for Story City, I found it both challenging and exciting. Writing a story for this new technology was like nothing I’d done before, and I needed to tie my prose into geological locations that followed a logical decision tree. I learnt a lot from the Story City team, who polished my ideas, and enchanced my story with professional narrators, musicians and artists. By the time everybody worked their magic, my story felt completely alive!  An amazing opportunity, and hopefully a lot of young people will enjoy a story told via their phones or devices.”

Jason Fischer – Story City Storyteller